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It deeply saddens me to report that Christian Conciliation Service of Southeastern Michigan has closed its doors. We thank all those who have poured their lives, time, energy, expertise, and money into developing and maintaining this teaching and peacemaking ministry for over twenty-five years. It is our prayer that God was honored and people helped through the work of reconciliation and conflict resolution, through the counsel given, the material taught, and the training.

However, all is not lost. There are links and material on this site that can still be of benefit to those seeking a Biblical appraoch to dealing with differences, resolving conflict, healing damaged relationships and reconciling broken relationships. is a site dedicated to helping Christians live as Christ saved us to live. It contains both written and audio material dealing with conflict and other topics related to a Christian approach to conflict and healing damaged or broken relationships. There is a Counseling Handbook and a Conflict Resolution Handbook for those who want to work through written material. There is also an eight session audio series on A Christian Approach to Conflict

Peacemaker Ministries' is an excellent orgainization dedicated to equipping and assisting Christians and their churches to respond to conflict biblically. It good help, good material, good training. Pacemaker Ministries is based in Montana, USA.

A key resource for training Peacemakers used by CCS over the years is the Training Manual for Developing Skills In Mediation and Peacemaking. Working through this material can be of great help in preparing you to serve as a mediator between two parties in conflict.

If you wish to contact someone related to CCS of Southeastern Michigan 
for further help you may contact us via email.

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