eMeditation on the Bible


Question: What is the most important way that God became visible to the human family?


Story (John 14:1-11)

Shortly before Jesus was executed, he prepared his followers for his death. He said to them, “Don’t be worried and upset. Trust in God and trust also in me. I am going to God, our heavenly Father, to prepare the way for you to go to the Father. You know the way that leads to the Father.” One of the followers said, “We do not know the way to get to the Father.” Jesus answered, “I am the way to the Father.” Another follower said to Jesus, “Show us the Father.” Jesus answered, “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. The Father and I are fully united.”


According to the followers of Jesus:

“Here is what we announce to everyone about the Living Image of God on earth. We have seen him and heard him. We have looked at him with our eyes. Our hands have touched him. We have seen the visible presence of God on earth in human form. We are telling you what we have seen and heard. We do it so that you can join us in the relationship we have with God through Jesus Christ, the Living Image of God.” – 1John 1:1-3

“In the past, God spoke to us at many times and in different ways. Now, God has spoken to us though Jesus.” - Hebrews 1:1-2


General Principles

Before Jesus, the invisible God was represented by idols made by men from stone, wood and precious metals (e.g., gold and silver). In Jesus, the man-made idols have been replaced by a living person who is the visible image of God. Before Jesus, knowledge about God consisted of the teachings of philosophers and religious tutors. In Jesus, God invites us into a personal relationship with our heavenly father. Before Jesus, God's favor was obtained through temple rituals and sacrifices. In Jesus, temple activities have been replaced by a living person who is the broker (go-between) between God and the human family.


Personal Application

Although we cannot physically see, touch or hear God, we can view and listen to God through the life of Jesus, who lived on this earth in a real place and time within the human family. Therefore, God is not a distant, unknowable deity beyond our reach. We can experience God on a personal level through Jesus, whose life and teachings are preserved in the Bible. The mind of Jesus is the mind of God. The words of Jesus are the words of God. The actions of Jesus are the actions of God. The life of Jesus reveals the heart of God. Jesus is our bridge to God.


Respond by Growing

God has come to you in Jesus. God does not need to be a distant stranger to you. If you want to see how God feels about you, your attitudes and behavior and the situations you face, look at Jesus. Learn about the life and teachings of Jesus in the Bible and other books and videos about Jesus. Meditate on the events, actions and sayings of Jesus, asking God to enable you to grow in your understanding of God and your relationship with God.


Responsive Prayer

Dear God, I am amazed that you, the creator and the greatest power in the universe, have created a human connection with me through Jesus so that I can experience a relationship with you as my heavenly father. What a privilege to be loved by you. Thank you for reaching down to me through Jesus.