eMeditation On The Bible


NOTE: The previous meditations identified Jesus as the: (1) living image of God and (2) human presence of God on earth. The current meditation examines Jesus as the agent of God.


Story (John 5:1-19)

On a religious holy day on which work was prohibited, Jesus walked by a pool where many disabled people lay near the water. One person lying there was unable to walk. Jesus saw him and asked him, ďDo you want to get well?Ē The man replied that he had not been able to get cured from his condition. Jesus said to him, ďGet up! Pick up your rug and walk.Ē The man was healed right away. He picked up his rug and walked away from the pool.


When the religious leaders heard that Jesus had "worked" by healing a disabled man on the holy day, they looked for Jesus. They found him teaching in the courtyard of the temple. They publicly accused him of breaking the religious rules for the holy day. Jesus said to them, ďMy Father is always doing his work. He is continuing to work today. I am working also.Ē Then the religious leaders accused Jesus of making himself equal with God because he referred to God as his Father. Jesus responded, ďThe truth is that I do not do anything by my own authority; I only do what God has sent me to do by Godís power and authority.Ē 


General Background

In ancient times, rulers - such as emperors - sent representatives to various regions of their land to serve as the ruler's agent. The agent was given the emperorís authority to accomplish the emperor's goals for the region. The agent also had the emperorís resources and power to care for the needs of the people. Access and requests to the agent were equivalent to access and requests to the emperor. Such an agent was the mediator or broker between the emperor and the people, acting on behalf of both the emperor and the people with the emperor's power and authority.


Specific Context

Through many messengers for hundreds of years, God promised the human family to send a special person to: (1) end human separation from God; (2) bring the rule of God to human hearts; and (3) offer a relationship with God that lasts forever. This special person was going to be the agent of God with Godís full authority to accomplish all Godís goals for humanity.


General Principle

As the living image and human presence of God on earth, Jesus possessed Godís authority to accomplish Godís purposes for the human family. Jesus demonstrated the authority, power and resources of God by healing broken bodies, defeating evil, forgiving people, teaching about God as our heavenly father, and inviting people into Godís family. Thus, Jesus demonstrated that he was the agent God had promised to send to the human family.


Personal Application

In Jesus, God reached out to us to begin a relationship with us as our loving heavenly father. Through Jesus, we are able to respond to God by following Jesus as Godís authority over our life. 


Respond by Growing 

By following Jesus, you obtain access to Godís resources for a life of full well-being, including: (1) Godís forgiveness for failures to honor and please God; (2) Godís love to transform your heart and enable you to grow spiritually (in your love for others); (3) Godís strength to face the difficulties and challenges of your life; and (4) Godís presence and comfort in your dark times.