New Testament Lessons
From The Gospel Of John

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Lessons From the Gospel of John
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1 An introduction to the gospel of John .mp3 .pdf
2 John 1:1-4   Who is Jesus? - Part 1    With God, Is God .mp3 .pdf
3 John 1:5-12  Who is Jesus? - Part 2   The Light, the Witness,
the World . . . Receive, Believe, Obey
.mp3 .pdf
4 John 1:13-14  Who is Jesus? - Part 3   The Savior and the
glory of God
.mp3 .pdf


John 1:15-18   Who is Jesus? - Part 4   Jesus has explained
God to us.
.mp3 .pdf
6 John 1:19-23  The beginning of John's stories that show Jesus
to be God in human flesh. This is the story of John's testimony
about who he is.
.mp3 .pdf
7 John 1:24-34  John is asked why he baptized with water, and
John explains why.
.mp3 .pdf
8 John 1:31-34   John baptized in water, Jesus baptizes in the
Holy Spirit. How are they similar, how are they different?
.mp3 .pdf
9 John 1:35-42   John shows humility, Jesus is identified as the
Messiah by a fisherman.  
.mp3 .pdf
10 John 1:43-49 No one can follow Jesus without leaving some
things behind that were once held dear. A good way to learn
evangelism is to follow Jesus. The best way to understand
God's word is to live according to God's word. And though
wrong, small deceptions are very tempting. May we be like
Nathanael, no deceit. 
.mp3 .pdf
11 John 1:50-51   Using spiritual eyes and ears to discern the
presence and power of God, and building our faith on the
character of God.
.mp3 .pdf
12 John 2:1-12  Part 1  The first of Jesus' many signs - changing
water to wine - and the lessons we can learn from this story.
.mp3 .pdf
13 John 2:1-12  Part 2  The first of Jesus' many signs - changing
water to wine - and the lessons we can learn from this story.
After listening, read "The Way Of Life."
.mp3 .pdf
14 John 2:13-22  Part 1  Jesus cleanses the Temple: taking a
look at Jesus' tender heart toward the poor, the necessity of
cleaning both the outside and inside for true change to take
place, and a zeal for the purity of God's dwelling place(s).
.mp3 .pdf
15 John 2:13-22  Part 2  Jesus cleanses the Temple: a look at
WHY an emphasis on purity and holiness of life; looking to
God's word first to gain insight into current events; why
death must precede new life in Christ Jesus.
.mp3 .pdf
16 John 2:23-25   Who do you trust for your well-being? We
ought to follow Jesus example in all our relationships. .
.mp3 .pdf


John 3:1-3 Part 1  The foolishness of treating assumptions
as facts. Being born again enables us to see, ascertain, and
understand God's kingdom.
.mp3 .pdf
18 John 3:3 Part 2  What the unbeliever sees and understands
in comparison to what the believer sees and understands. 
.mp3 .pdf
19 John 3:4-5 Part 3  May we use God’s empowerment, God’s
wisdom, the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, and our God given
human ability to continue digging out the implications and
practical applications of the truths and stories contained in
God’s word about how we are to think, desire, feel, care,
love, speak, behave, and live by faith as followers of Christ.
.mp3 .pdf
20 John 3:6-12 Part 4  May we live as those convinced that
understanding spiritual things in the way God intends them to
be understood requires three equal parts: (1) being born
again, (2) having the enabling and enlightening work of the
Holy Spirit, and (3) living according to the truth we know
from God’s word.
.mp3 .pdf
21 John 3:13-15 Part 5  Two ways to understand the words,
"For God so loved the world."
.mp3 .pdf
22 John 3:16-21 Part 6  God's love and God's giving deserve
to be honored in how we live.
.mp3 .pdf
23 John 3    Considering the truth that who we are on the inside
is how we will think, speak, and act on the outside
.mp3 .pdf
24 John 3:22-36   The final testimony of John the Baptist
concerning the deity and preeminence of Jesus Christ.
.mp3 .pdf
25 John 4:1-10  The Samaritan Woman - Part 1  Prejudice
and discrimination, knowing and not knowing
.mp3 .pdf
26 John 4:7-26   The Samaritan Woman - Part 2  Five
hindrances to spiritual growth and godly living.
.mp3 .pdf
27 John 4:27-38  The Samaritan Woman - Part 3  Lessons
learned from the participants in this story.
.mp3 .pdf
28 John 4:35-45  The Samaritan Woman - Part 4  A focus
on evangelism
.mp3 .pdf
29 John 4:46-54   Jesus, the royal official, and his dying son.
Lessons about faith in God.
.mp3 .pdf
30 John 5:1-17  Lessons learned from Jesus healing the sick
man at the pool of Bethesda.
.mp3 .pdf
31 John 5:9a-15  Discouragement, despair, depression are the
devil's tools to turn us away from God. Plus a look at Jesus'
words, "do not sin anymore, so that nothing worse happens
to you."
.mp3 .pdf
32 John 5:16-18  Three lessons concerning the persecution of
the godly by the religious.
.mp3 .pdf
33 John 5:19-47 Overview.  Four reasons it is important for
us to know and believe Jesus and God are one.
.mp3 .pdf
34 John 5:19-47 - Part 1   Jesus explains that He is both
human and divine, both man and God.
.mp3 .pdf
35 John 5:19-47 - Part 2   Jesus continues to explain that He
is both human and divine. And a look at judging others. 
.mp3 .pdf
36 John 5:19-47 - Part 3   Jesus continues to explain that He
is both human and divine. And reading the Bible as if life is
in it instead of coming to Jesus who is the life.
.mp3 .pdf
37 John 5:19-47 - Part 4   Jesus continues to explain that He
is both human and divine. And the evil of seeking glory for
others instead of only from God.
.mp3 .pdf
38 John 6:1-14   Feeding the 5000 -- Jesus gave them as much
as they wanted, and He does the same for those who hunger
and thirst for righteousness (spiritual growth).
.mp3 .pdf
39 John 6:15-26   Walking on water, Responding to a question. .mp3 .pdf
40 John 6::26-27a   Guard against starting strong and right and
ending weak and wrong. Work for the food that endures to
eternal life.
.mp3 .pdf
41 John 6:27b-29    Two sides of the same coin. According to
Jesus, what must we do to receive the gift of eternal life.
.mp3 .pdf
42 John 6:30-36    "Believe" is an action word. When what we
have seen God do is not enough to trust Him for what comes
.mp3 .pdf
43 John 6:37-51    Jesus is the bread of life. He receives believers
from God and keeps them for God,.
.mp3 .pdf
44 John 6:51-59   Jesus said, "Unless you eat my flesh and
drink my blood, you have no life in you."
.mp3 .pdf
45 John  6:60-71    Who is on the Lord's side? .mp3 .pdf
46 John 7:1-9  The evils of unbelief and the hatred of the world
toward those who expose its evil ways.
.mp3 .pdf
47 John 7:10-13  The problem with treating assumptions as
facts, and the power of fear to influence us for good or ill.
.mp3 .pdf
48 John 7:14-18  How to discern God-serving teachers from
self-serving teachers. The "heart" difference in focus between
the God-serving teachers and the self-serving teachers.
.mp3 .pdf
49 John 7:19-24   Double-standards. Denying guilt when you
are guilty. The justice of judging righteously.
.mp3 .pdf
50 John 7:25-31    The weakness of human nature, the origin
of Jesus, the intervention of God in human affairs
.mp3 .pdf
51 John 7:32-39    A worldly verses a spiritual, heavenly, and
eternal mindset. Why Jesus invites those with a strong sense
of need to come and receive what He has to give. The work
of the Holy Spirit is inward, the manifestations are outward.
.mp3 .pdf
52 John 7:37-44   The work of the Holy Spirit in the believer's
life. Division in the church and among God's people.
.mp3 .pdf
53 John 7:45-53   The importance of a godly perspective,
Three ungodly yet common methods of getting our way
.mp3 .pdf
54 John 8:1-11    Four lessons to learn / truths to consider
from the story about the woman caught in adultery.
.mp3 .pdf
55 John 8:12     Jesus is the one and only light of the world .mp3 .pdf
56 John 8:12-20   True, valid testimony; Thinking we know
God, but don't.
.mp3 .pdf
57 John 8:21-30   Knowing yet not knowing. Being confident
the Father is with us.
.mp3 .pdf
58 John 8:31-32  Knowledge, wisdom, insight. The conditional
"if". Set free by the truth.
.mp3 .pdf
59 John 8:33-36   Jesus says all who commit sin are slaves of
sin. A look at what the Bible says about Christians and sin.
.mp3 .pdf
60 John 8:37-47   Our thoughts, desires, words, and deeds
identify who we are serving.   No sin stands alone.
.mp3 .pdf
61 John 8:48-59   Scorn, ridicule, put-downs, and derogatory
attacks vs. speaking the truth in a fair, respectful, and humble manner. Christ's humility and commitment for God to get the
glory are an example for us to follow.
.mp3 .pdf
62 John 9:1-4   Who sinned? The better questions is, "What is
God doing?"  And, doing God's work for God's glory.
.mp3 .pdf
63 John 9:4-7    We are the light of the world, today. What it
means to be the light of the world.
.mp3 .pdf
64 John 9:8-41   Evangelism, the weakness of theology and
tradition, the power of culture and religion, regret
.mp3 .pdf
65 John 10:1-6  Jesus tell a parable about the sheep fold, the
door, and the sheep.
.mp3 .pdf
66 John 10:7-16   Jesus is the door of the sheep fold, and the
good shepherd.
.mp3 .pdf
67 John 10:17-21  Jesus proves His deity by saying He will lay
down His life and take it up again. Division in the church.
.mp3 .pdf
68 John 10:22-29    Why Jesus said those who are not His sheep
cannot hear the truth. Two mysteries left as mysteries.
.mp3 .pdf
69 John 10:27-36   Accussing Jesus of blasphemy gives the
religious leaders the opportunity they seek to get rid of Him.
.mp3 .pdf
70 John 10:37-11:15   Leaving, Loving, Learning .mp3 .pdf
71 John 11:16-27   Do you believe this? Faith the works.  .mp3 .pdf
72 John 11:25-46  (1) The problem of not answering direct, per-
sonal questions. (2)  Why does Jesus cry? (3) To see the glory
of God you must believe in God and wait for God to act.
.mp3 .pdf
73 John 11:47-57  Wanting something other than God more
than God. Believing in God and believing God.
.mp3 .pdf
74 John 12:1-11 The Worth of God; Humbling ourselves before
God; Exposing our true selves; The poor are always with us.
.mp3 .pdf
75 John 12:12-26  Seeing the truth of scripture in history;  Proclaiming the mercy of God and the great things He has done as a good method of evangelism; We must die before we can  live the Christian life – now and throughout eternity. .mp3 .pdf
76 John 12:27-28 Acknowledging our feelings and/or emotions
but not giving them decision making power; Choosing paths
in life that glorify God; Living according to God’s will is the
best life you can choose.
.mp3 .pdf
77 John 12:27-33  God encourages our faith by reassuring us of
His goodness. God has and continues to glorify His name.
When the devil, the world, and our flesh think they have
defeated God, God is gaining a victory.
.mp3 .pdf
78 John 12:34-41  (1) Walk in the Light, so that darkness will
not overtake you (2) Believe in the Light, so that you may
become sons of Light. (3) Why has God blinded the eyes and
hardened the heart of unbelievers? 
.mp3 .pdf
79 John 12:42-43  (1) We ought not measure success in
evangelism by the response of those we reach. (2) Unhealthy,
unfounded, paralyzing, and irrational fears are both the enemy
of faith in God and self-destructive. (3) Those from whom we
seek approval are those to whom we give allegiance.
.mp3 .pdf
80 John 12:44-50  (1) Jesus came to save, not judge. (2) Christ
is the Light that frees us from darkness and shows us the way
of life (3) Making God supreme and seeing yourself less
.mp3 .pdf
81 John 13:1-17  Five lessons for life and godliness .mp3 .pdf
82 John 13:21-38  Five more lessons for life and godliness .mp3 .pdf
83 John 14:1-4   The prevention of and remedy for a troubled
heart.  Most often, what God has said is enough.  Most of
us know more than we think we know or admit we know.
.mp3 .pdf
84 John 14:3-6  Jesus is the way, and the truth, and the life. .mp3 .pdf
85 John 14:7-11  (1) What it means to know Jesus and therefore
know God. (2) Levels or dimensions of knowing. (3) Believ-
ing that takes God at His word and lives accordingly. 
.mp3 .pdf

Three Exhortations For 2019 .mp3 .pdf
86 John 14:11-12  The requirement for us to do the same or even
greater works than Jesus did is to be in God and God in us in
the same way Jesus was in God and God was in Him.
.mp3 .pdf
87 John 14:13-14  Is it true that whatever we ask in Jesus name,
He will do?
.mp3 .pdf
88 John 14:11-24   Loving God invariably results in keeping
His commandments
.mp3 .pdf
89 John 14:15-26   Loving God and keeping His commandments
invariably results in receiving the Holy Spirit, being loved by
God, and having Jesus reveal Himself to you. 
.mp3 .pdf
90 John 14:27-31   The peace that God gives, plus three more
truths to live by.
.mp3 .pdf
91 John 15:1-5   The Vine, the Vinedresser, and the branches .mp3 .pdf
92 John 15:1-5   The Word cleanses us, Who does what,
Jesus set the example.
.mp3 .pdf
93 John 15:6-14  Failure to abide in the Vine results in loss,
abiding results in blessings.
.mp3 .pdf
94 John 15:11  The requisite for the joy of the Lord is the peace
of God along with paying attention to and living according to
God’s will and word.
.mp3 .pdf
95 John 15:12-17  Love commanded, friendship, chosen and
appointed, love commanded
.mp3 .pdf
96 John 15:18-25  Being hated and persecuted for Jesus sake.
Hating Jesus automatically means hating God.
.mp3 .pdf
97 John 15:26-16:11   The importance of Jesus and the Holy
Spirit to the gospel message, salvation, and godly living.
.mp3 .pdf
98 Johm 16:12-33   Six truths / lessons from these verses .mp3 .pdf
99 John 17   Three lessons from Jesus' prayer in John 17 .mp3 .pdf
100 John 18:1-18, 25-27  Three lessons about living life today
as a child of God.
.mp3 .pdf
101 John 18:19-24, 28-40  Lessons for godly living .mp3 .pdf
102 Johm 19:1-30   More lessons for godly living .mp3 .pdf
103 John 20:1-31  Lessons from John 20 for godly living .mp3 .pdf
104 John 21:1-14  Things to consider from John 21:1-14 .mp3 .pdf
105 John 21:15-25  Proof of love, Cost of love, Example of
Love, Faithful service even if serving alone
.mp3 .pdf

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