Complete trust in the goodness of God and the reliability of God’s Word
is essential for emotional, mental, and spiritual health, as well as healthy relationships
At whatever point you think God will not protect your interests,
or at whatever point you think obedience to His Word will cause you to miss out on
longed for pleasures or leave you vulnerable to the schemes and injustice of others,
you will depart from doing things God’s way and resort to doing things your own way
in order to promote or protect your interests.
Since God’s way of thinking and behaving is based on love,
to depart from God’s way leaves only one other way – selfishness
(seeking the good of self as your first concern and then seeking the good of others
only as it fits into your first concern).

Therefore, selfishness is a form of insanity which works against
emotional, mental, and spiritual health as well as healthy relationships.

We sigh for human love, from which a whim or chance may sever,
and leave unsought the love of God, tho' God's love lasts forever.
We seek earth's peace in things that pass like foam upon the river,
While steadfast as the stars on high, God's peace abides forever.
Man's help, for which we long, gives way, as trees in storm winds quiver,
But mightier than all human need God's help remains forever.
Turn unto Thee our wavering hearts, O Thou who failest never;
Give us Thy love and Thy great peace, and be our Help forever.

(Effie Smith Ely 1879)

A “positional” relationship to Christ
That does not transform one’s life
Is the greatest possible denial of Christ’s words,
“I am the true vine, you are the branches:
he that abideth in me and I in him,
the same bringeth forth much fruit.”
(William Law)

Revised 2020