eMeditation on the Bible 


Question: How does turning and entrusting our life to God produce spiritual growth? 


Story (John 3:1-12) 

Once, a religious teacher, named Nicodemus, came privately to Jesus late at night to learn about a relationship with God. Jesus told him that a person’s relationship with God can only begin by being “born again.”  


Nicodemus was shocked and confused. He thought Jesus was talking about a second biological birth. He said, “How can someone be born when they are old? They can’t go back inside their mother! They can’t be born a second time!”  


Jesus explained that the second birth is a spiritual birth. He said, “People give birth to people but God’s Spirit gives birth to spirit.” Jesus told Nicodemus that, just as we are born biologically to enter the human family, we must be born spiritually to enter God’s family as a spiritual son or daughter. Jesus taught Nicodemus that this spiritual birth results from the presence of God’s Spirit deep within us connecting us to God when we turn from our separation from God to entrust our life to God as our heavenly father. 


General Principle 

When we begin a relationship with God by turning to God as our heavenly father and entrusting our entire life to him, we receive a new capacity for spiritual growth and development. Then we can become fully human – mature physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Just as physical life requires water for sustenance to grow, our spirit requires the presence of God’s Spirit within us for sustenance and growth. God’s Spirit (also referred to as the Holy Spirit in the Bible) is the presence and power of God that both: (1) surrounds us wherever we are and (2) comes to live within us when we turn to God. 


Personal Application 

When you begin – or when you previously began – a relationship with God, new spiritual realities come/came into existence:  

(1) the presence of God’s Spirit deep within you;  

(2) a deep connection with God through God’s Spirit;  

(3) spiritual birth into God’s family; and  

(4) a new capacity for spiritual growth and maturity.  


Respond by Growing 

Spiritual growth is a process that takes place within the context of your relationship with God. The more you get to know God and commit yourself to honoring God by living according to the values of God’s family, the more God’s love will transform your heart by the power of the Holy Spirit. In this way, you will increasingly share God’s essential nature of love and become like God. 


Responsive Prayer 

Dear heavenly father, knowing that I am connected to your power by the presence of your Spirit within me gives me confidence and strength to face the challenges of life and commit myself to living according to your family values of love, justice and serving others. Thank you for the second birth of becoming your spiritual son/daughter.